March 08, 2024

New Podcast for International Women's Day

In the second of LBMA's Compliance Cosy Chat podcast series, and in honour of International Women's Day, we bring you a very special episode.

Episode 2 - Empowering Women in Metals: Insights and Inspirations on International Women's Day

In an era of unprecedented social awareness and progress, it's not merely about celebrating women; it's about leveraging such celebrations to ignite crucial conversations. The realm of metals and mining, long dominated by men, is undergoing a significant transformation as more women step into leadership roles. However, while strides have been made, the journey towards gender equity in this sector is far from over.

top l-r: Susannah McLaren, Sakhila Mirza; bottom l-r: Wilma Swarts, Alice Vanni

Hosted by Emmy Richardson, our Senior Compliance Associate, this episode features a panel of amazing women from the metals and mining industry, including Susannah McLaren (Cobalt Institute), Sakhila Mirza (LBMA), Wilma Swarts (Metals Focus), and Alice Vanni (Italpreziosi SPA), and explores various aspects of a woman's experience within the industry. From their own personal journeys, to challenges they and others have faced, to how we can build a better future for women in mining, this episode discusses everything and is not one to be missed.

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"Compliance Cosy Chat" is your cosy corner of the internet for engaging discussions about compliance, regulations, precious metals, and everything in between. This podcast aims to provide you with rich insights, experiences, and expertise from our esteemed guests.

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