LBMA’s 35th Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be taking place on Thursday, 6 July 2023 and, as part of this, an election for Members of its Board will be taking place. Board Members serve two-year terms, so the annual elections alternate between Full Member representatives and Market Maker representatives. This year’s election is for the three Market Maker seats on Board.

Nominations for the vacancies are now closed as of 22 June 2023 and the following nominees have been received and verified:

Davide Collini
Head of EMEA Metals and Agricultural Sales
BNP Paribas

Raj Kumar
Managing Director
ICBC Standard Bank Plc

Matthew Slater
Global Head of Precious Metals Forwards & Physical Trading

Paul Voller

Managing Director / Global Head of Precious Metals

Now that the nominees have been announced, only Member official contacts (or their designated proxy) are eligible to vote. Affiliate Members will also be entitled to vote. Thanks to the changes to the Articles of Association in 2020, weighted voting was introduced, which allows Full Members and Market Making Members three votes (which can be split), and Affiliates one vote.

If you are not sure who your official contact is, please contact Membership Coordinator

All voting Members are encouraged to submit their votes in advance of the meeting via the OpenAudience OpenMeet platform, details of which have been emailed to Members. However, Members are also welcome to vote on the day. Please note that in the event of a tie in the first-round ballet, only those present online and in person at the meeting who are eligible to vote will be allowed to participate in the second (run-off) round.

Don’t forget to confirm your attendance at the AGM via the OpenMeet Platform.