April 25, 2014

Umicore Brasil LTDA Passes LBMA Responsible Gold Audit

LBMA is pleased to announce that the following Good Delivery gold refiner has successfully passed its Responsible Gold Audit Programme. • Umicore Brasil Ltda, Guarulhos, Brazil The refiner listed above has successfully passed an independent third-party audit, confirming they comply with the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance. The audit reviewed the refiner’s production over a 12 month period. The LBMA received a large volume of reports in late 2013, and will continue to report in the coming weeks as each batch is reviewed.

Through mutual recognition of other industry initiatives, the LBMA also recognises that refiners have achieved compliance with the Responsible Gold Guidance by achieving either the Responsible Jewellery Council’s Chain-of-Custody certification or Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) CFS audit protocol.

For further information please contact Ruth Crowell, Chief Executive, on

Tel. +44 (0)20 7796 3067 or mail@lbma.org.uk. About the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance

The LBMA has taken its role as accreditor of the world’s gold refiners and expanded the scope of its requirements, to include OECD Due Diligence, by the creation of the Responsible Gold Guidance. The Guidance operationalises and extends the OECD Gold Supplement for refiners and builds on existing Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer management systems and auditing practices. It also makes what is a voluntary system (the OECD Guidance) mandatory for all LBMA GD gold refiners wishing to sell into the London Bullion Market. This framework is intended to assure investors and consumers that all London gold stocks are conflict-free due to compliance with an audited, conflict-free process. About the London Bullion Market Association

The LBMA is the international trade association that represents the wholesale over-the-counter market for gold and silver bullion. The LBMA undertakes many activities on behalf of its members, including the setting of good delivery and refining standards, the organisation of conferences and other events, and serving as a point of contact for the regulatory authorities. For more information, please visit www.lbma.org.uk.