July 14, 2022

Hot Topics: Silver, Central Banks & Basel III

Adrian Ash, Director of Research, BullionVault; David Gornall, Senior Advisor, LBMA; Krishan Gopaul, Senior Analyst, EMEA, World Gold Council; Philip Newman, Managing Director, Metals Focus.

In today’s webinar – our last before the summer break – Adrian Ash (Director of Research, BullionVault) and David Gornall (Senior Advisor, LBMA) were joined by Krishan Gopaul (Senior Analyst, EMEA, World Gold Council) and Philip Newman (Managing Director, Metals Focus).

“Central bank gold demand has ebbed and flowed,” said Krishan, but noted that Q1 2022 had been a very strong quarter, detailing the motivations behind central banks holding gold.

“Global silver demand was at a record high,” said Philip, adding that there have been “eye-watering and consistent premiums” which carried over into Q1 2022.

Adrian talked about the impact of Basel III rules on gold, saying that “a lot of foreign banks trade gold as a currency but have had to change the way it is reported due to Basel III.” Continuing the discussion on Basel III, David added that over the last few months there have been more prudential regulation consultations that are looking to revise the constituent assets of the HQLA (High-Quality Liquid Asset) list.

Watch the webinar now to find out more on the World Gold Council’s Central Bank Survey, the Metals Focus Silver Survey, and High-Quality Liquid Assets (HQLA).