June 10, 2021

LBMA Trade Data: Volume by Price Insights 

Adrian Ash, Director of Research, BullionVault; David Gornall, Senior Advisor, LBMA; Saida Litosh, Manager, Precious Metals Research, Refinitiv.

An informative slide deck demonstrated the data and showed how it can be interrogated to reveal trends and connections between market events. “The slides show how gold fell in Q1, with ETPs shrinking and consumer demand rising,” said Saida. “We then saw a rebound in gold physical demand (up by 25% year on year); driven by gains in jewellery demand and retail investment.”

The trio examined the ‘double touch’ of $1685 in March, and David explained how knowing the volumes helps make sense of what changed between the first and second touch of the benchmark lows on March 8 and March 30.

David, Adrian and Saida discussed the price tranches and how this information can be used, and Saida also explained how you can input different codes to access data relating to spot, swap/forward, loan lease deposit, or option data for either gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

The Q&A session touched on benchmarks and NSFR. Watch the full webinar to gain further insights into the trade data by the experts.

This webinar is CPD Accredited. For more information, please contact events@lbma.org.uk.